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Industry Week Manufacturing worldwide is on the cusp of a revolution. New information technologies are suddenly offering not only to make manufacturing management more effective, as we saw with early versions of plant and enterprise software, but the work itself smarter. Technologies based on the Internet of Things have the potential to radically improve visibility in manufacturing to the point where each unit of production can be "seen" at each step in the production process. Batch-level visibility is being replaced by unit-level visibility. This is the dawn of smart manufacturing.
The AGMA 2015 Fall Technical Meeting provides an outstanding opportunity for you to receive the latest research in the field, network with your peers, and learn about the latest methods and cutting edge technologies in use in the gearing industry today.
Bloomberg Business Manufacturing in the New York region slumped at the fastest pace since the depths of the last recession, a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York showed Monday.
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Canadian Manufacturing Late last month, DeepWater Wind put "steel in the water" at what is expected to become the first offshore wind farm in the United States. The five-turbine, 30 megawatt project will be located three miles southeast of Block Island, Rhode Island and is expected to come online in 2016. It’s the first and smallest of three offshore projects that Deepwater Wind is planning along the US’s Atlantic coast.
US News & World Report Auto plants, clothing makers, and plastics factories drove a sharp rebound in U.S. manufacturing in July.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Embraer Executive Jets has delivered the first Legacy 500 midsize jet to a customer in Mexico. The aircraft will be operated by Transpaís Aéreo, a subsidiary of the Lomex Group Aeronautics Division. The Legacy 500 was awarded type certification from Mexican’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority in June. The Legacy 500 has met or exceeded all performance expectations, with a smooth entry into service since its first delivery in the last quarter of 2014.
Industry Week Volvo customers like their technology like they like their cars – understated. Luxury, if it registers at all, is the demurest of flickers. They want their smart devices to make a smooth transition from the outside world to their cars. And if they can press a button at breakfast to make the car the perfect temperature when they finally settle into the taupe leather seats, all the better.
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The Wall Street Journal Maritime officials are expecting port activities at Tianjin to resume this week, but reports from the scene in China suggest it may take far longer for operations to get back to normal. The WSJ’s Chun Han Wong reports that highly toxic sodium cyanide was stored at the scene of the blast that killed at least 112 people, and concerns over unhealthy air have triggered evacuations in the area. Several manufacturers have shut down operations in the vicinity, in part because of logistics difficulties in getting parts move around Tianjin but also because their workers live in areas affected by the blast. The WSJ’s Yoko Kobuta reports that Toyota Motor Corp. is halting production for three days at a plant in Tianjin and another about 40 miles away that receives parts from the Tianjin factory. The company says it is still looking at the impact on its broader global supply chain. A highly touted electric vehicle maker appears ready to return from the dead. Fisker Automotive signed an 11-year, $30 million lease for a factory in Moreno Valley, located some 60 miles east of Los Angeles in Southern California's Inland Empire. New Fisker plug-in hybrid cars could go on sale as early as mid-2016.
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Industry Week The European Space Agency has tapped Airbus Safran Launchers to build a new-generation Ariane 6 rocket launcher by 2020 for 2.4 billion euros ($2.68 billion). Critics of hydraulic fracturing tend to focus on the environmental challenges posed by crude oil and natural gas and the chemicals used to extract them. But the fracking process also utilizes a specific form of sand, which helps crack shale rock and allow the crude to flow out. Not only does the use of sand require massive trucking and infrastructure operations, but the mining of the sand itself became an environmental issue in the Upper Midwest, where it's most prevalent.
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Los Angeles Daily News The folks at Aerojet Rocketdyne have aced an important test. Last Thursday, the company successfully completed a full duration, 535-second-long test firing of its RS-25 rocket engine that will power NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), America’s next-generation heavy-lift launch vehicle. About 90 percent of China’s rare earth producers are currently operating at a loss as prices for the coveted elements – used in high-tech sectors – continue to drop due to overcapacity and illegal mining. According to the Association of China Rare Earth Industry, local companies have been losing money for months and many are expected to close up shop before year-end.
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The Wall Street Journal Steel thought it would be the auto industry’s best friend forever. But after more than a century, the relationship appears to need some mending as new emissions regulations are forcing car companies to rethink how vehicles are made.
Forbes The U.S. manufacturing sector is coming back, we learned from the Federal Reserve’s industrial production report. Last month’s gain was 0.9 percent, more than making up all the ground lost in the early months of this year. Looking forward, production will continue to expand, but don’t expect many more factory jobs. Manufacturing is the largest component of industrial production. The overall industrial numbers are pushed around by utility production, which rises or fall as weather is unusually warm or cold. Manufacturing is thus a better gauge of underlying economic activity than industrial production.
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Nasdaq Metso, a Finnish maker of rock crushers, announced Monday the closure of the manufacturing operations at the York, Pennsylvania plant as of March 31, 2016, as it continues to transform its mining business operations. The decision affects approximately 80 employees currently employed at the plant. Metso's other business operations operating out of the York offices will not be affected, and the company will continue to offer Metso's full scope of engineering, equipment, and services to its customers.
The Seattle Times It’s time for high schools to bring back shop and vocational classes – but with a more advanced twist – to meet demand for well-paid manufacturing jobs.
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This seminar provides the gear design engineer with a broad understanding of the methods used to manufacture and inspect gears and how the resultant information can be applied and interpreted in the design process.
Industry Week The manufacturing companies that make up the IW US 500 have their headquarters in 42 states and the District of Columbia. California and Texas continue to lead the states in the number of major manufacturing companies calling them home. The two states are tied with 61 headquarters each. New York leads the Middle Atlantic States, with 35 of the IW US 500 firms headquartered in the Empire state. Pennsylvania has 24 manufacturing firms calling the state home and New Jersey has 14.
Crain's Chicago Business Hoist Liftruck, a manufacturer of heavy-duty forklifts, plans to move around 300 jobs from southwest suburban Bedford Park to East Chicago and says it will create hundreds more positions in the Hoosier State over the next few years.
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