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Industry Week After months of inconsistent demand, North American manufacturers may soon get help from federal regulators. In Canada, a new program called Factory of the Future aims to dole out some $380 million in aid to local manufacturers. For factory managers, the mix of aid and better economics could create an opportunity to invest in new manufacturing technology. Here are five tips for getting the most out of those bets.
The Washington Post Lockheed Martin, the U.S. military’s largest arms supplier, announced Monday it will buy helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky for $9 billion.
Manufacturing Business Technology Thanks to recent and dramatic technology advances by companies like Oculus Rift, Sony, Samsung, and Microsoft, VR has become not only a tremendously cool technology but also one that is super accessible and scalable. Intrigued? You need to be. First, let’s explore what the technology is and then its compelling relevance to the manufacturing landscape.
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Manufacturing Business Technology The world's largest shipbuilder is partnering with management consulting firm Accenture to build a fleet of Internet-connected "smart ships."
Industry Week Today, Notre Dame is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, with almost twice the percentage of female engineers of any university in the U.S. It is simple, yet genius. Get a diverse cross section of the population together, and you will achieve greater innovation and overall success.
Industry Week While the notion of global trade may conjure thoughts of air and sea freight crossing oceans and hemispheres, the simple fact is that, for U.S. manufacturers, two of the surest international export/import partners can be found only a drive away from our border cities. Today, U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico trade relationships rank among the strongest in the world.
USA Today A Rhode Island-based company is about to begin installation of what promises to be the first such venture in the nation.
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Canadian Metalworking Automotive production is holding steady in Canada, rising in America, and booming in Mexico, all of which spells opportunity for Canadian suppliers, say experts.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Meghan Summers West, CNC Software’s newly appointed president, is set to focus on manufacturing education in her HTEC 2015 keynote address.
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Industry Week Every year for the past 11 years, Gartner has conducted a poll of its own analysts and a peer group of 200 or so supply chain practitioners and experts to determine which companies have the best supply chains. Read more for the annual unveiling of the Top 25 supply chains of the year!
Care2 Does a wind turbine have to have one of those pinwheel-looking blades that spins around to be called a turbine? It depends on what definition you go by. Meet the Vortex Bladeless, a wind ‘turbine’ without blades developed by a group of inventors at a Spanish tech startup.
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Forbes "The average shale gas company lost two dollars for every dollar they spent on producing the gas in Q1 2015," revealed Energy Specialist Art Berman.
Reuters As if slumping commodity prices and unhappy shareholders were not enough, global mining companies are also facing a looming succession crisis. Several mining CEOs have reached, or are nearing, retirement age, and industry executives, recruiters, and analysts worry that there is not enough people with the right skills and experience to replace the old guard.
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The Detroit News Ford Motor Co. is using virtual reality to keep its workers safe and assist them on nearly every part of the car-building process.
November 3-5, 2015 | Las Vegas, NV This course explores all factors that go into good gear design, from life cycle, load, torque, tooth optimization, and evaluating consequences. Interact with a group of your peers and with a talented, well-respected instructor who will push your thinking beyond its normal boundaries. Students should have a good understanding of basic gear theory and nomenclature.
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Mesabi Daily News Could the troubled U.S. steel industry soon see a significant recovery? A veteran observer of the business has his own conflicting views.
CheatSheet ArcelorMittal SA, the world’s largest steelmaker, is telling us that there is a new kind of fuel coming our way, and, even though it may use a proven refinement technique, its source of crude elements is a hair unorthodox.
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