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The White House U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker is announcing 12 new designated Manufacturing Communities today as part of the second round of the Administration-wide initiative led by the Commerce Department's Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) competition.
The 2015 AGMA Fall Technical Meeting will not disappoint. Advances in new materials and techniques, a discussion on the Industry 4.0 initiative, and practical information on the standards currently being developed are just a small portion of what will be discussed. A full list is available on the AGMA website.
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Ars Technica Boeing has received a patent for a laser-powered fusion-fission jet propulsion system. Boeing envisions that this system could replace both rocket and turbofan engines, powering everything from spacecraft to missiles to airplanes.
Manufacturing Business Technology Most present day MDM solutions focus only on managing mobile devices and laptops. They do not integrate with, let’s say, the SCADA system or the AC control systems in a standard industrial unit. They even do not help manage the employees. MDM solutions have become limited and the requirement of IT leaders has moved beyond managing just mobile devices. Keeping in mind the current requirements of the industry, I have listed five things that an IT leader must think of while making their decisions on adopting an MDM.
Manufacturing Business Technology Airbus Group SE completed its first-ever flight of an electric plane across the English Channel as the European plane maker seeks to spark interest in less polluting aircraft.
Canadian Manufacturing The popular narrative at Queen’s Park is that external forces are to blame for Ontario’s lackluster economy and growing debt. The Ontario government has continually pointed to the decline in manufacturing as one of the culprits behind high budget deficits that have led to a hefty pile of public debt. Working in a manufacturing job can get a bad rap. Debra Mattson would even say the jobs have a history of being "dirty, dark and dangerous." That has changed, especially for manufacturing jobs in Rochester, said Mattson. As director of the Advanced Materials Manufacturing Program at Great Bay Community College, she said manufacturing has become a more refined industry and the demand for skilled individuals has increased.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Reuters France needs to boost investment in wind turbines if the country wants to reach its targets for renewable energy use, wind industry lobby France Energie Eolienne (FEE) said on Tuesday. The most preventable problem affecting safety in today's energy, chemical, and petrochemical industries is corrosion. No matter which sector of the industry, whether sourcing, refining, or transportation, corrosion continues to be the root of accidents. The ability to combat this notorious issue begins with what matters the most — chemical composition of materials.
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Bloomberg Business Hobbled by labor costs that more than doubled in the decade to 2011, Australia’s hopes that a weaker dollar would revive its industry aren’t panning out. Shuttered factories aren’t being restarted, and planned capital spending by the country’s manufacturers is at record lows.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design STG Aerospace, a provider of aircraft lighting technologies, has opened a new U.S. manufacturing and warehousing facility in Miami, Florida. Located adjacent to the Miami International Airport runway, the new building has double the space of the company’s previous U.S. premises.
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Triangle Business Journal North Carolina's high economic scores indicate a strong future for manufacturing and logistics, according to a new report from Ball State University.
PSFK GE has released three superhero emojis called "The Supermaterials" just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con and has also created a new #EmojiScience episode with Bill Nye the Science Guy showing how advanced materials are at the heart of modern manufacturing and industry.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Manufacturing Business Technology Rarely is the need to innovate more critical to success than in manufacturing. Innovations in process, in machinery, or in materials could each create a significant competitive advantage. Could 3D printing be the catalyst for the next set of major innovations in manufacturing?
Prairie Business A continuing challenge for manufacturing is in conveying the career options available for young people. Bob Kill, president and CEO of Enterprise Minnesota, said manufacturers are understanding the need to present the job opportunities they have, but he thinks they can still do a better job.
Specialty Steel Treating, Inc.
Nasdaq Meritor, Inc. announced the purchase of the majority of assets of Sypris Solutions, Inc.'s manufacturing facility in Morganton, North Carolina. The company believes that this facility will help expand its business, while staying committed to supplying axle and suspension components to customers. Electricity generated from natural gas in the U.S. surpassed that generated from coal for the first time ever in April, highlighting the increasing pressure a booming shale gas industry is putting on the country’s mining sector.
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