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Courier-Post Manufacturing in the Federal Reserve’s Philadelphia region expanded this month at the fastest pace since December, suggesting that an improving economy is boosting factory output.
Forbes It’s a standard part of the criticism of free trade talks, of trade itself in fact, that trading with low income places like China kills off those nice, high paying, manufacturing jobs in the US. This is, in part, true. But it’s also, in part, not true. And only by unraveling which is the true part and which isn’t can we work out whether it’s still a good idea to be doing either these trade deals or this trade.
The Post and Courier Expansion of the Panama Canal will kick off unprecedented growth at East Coast ports, including the Port of Charleston. But until now, the extent of that growth has been hard to quantify.
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Fox Business Factory activity in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region expanded in June at a much faster pace than expected, a survey showed on Thursday.
The Motley Fool Since being coined the "Third Industrial Revolution" by The Economist in mid-2012, 3D printing has captivated the imaginations of investors and enthusiasts as a technology that offers the potential to fundamentally change the way the world manufactures.
Lexology The automotive industry has recently enjoyed a strong period of sales growth and productivity. But even during this period, some manufacturers and raw materials suppliers continue to face pressures presented by financially troubled customers and suppliers.
This seminar provides the gear design engineer with a broad understanding of the methods used to manufacture and inspect gears and how the resultant information can be applied and interpreted in the design process.
Dayton Business Journal A Greene County manufacturer is looking to invest $2.3 million to expand Jamestown-based Twist Inc., which makes a variety of precision metal products, wants to add 20,000 square feet across two of its facilities and hire at least 20 more workers during the next three years.
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Forbes 3D printing production is just scratching the surface of the multi-trillion dollar global manufacturing industry. But its dominance is already inevitable.
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Environmental Leader A bullet train is leaving the station, and it promises to transform and propel U.S. manufacturers who climb on board — on a wave of information technology known as smart manufacturing. East Tennessee is another step closer to becoming a leader in high tech manufacturing, and it could change the way people travel. The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation launched its mission is to find a way to make materials efficiently and cheaply that they can be used for every day products, like cars.
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The Buffalo News When American Axle & Manufacturing shut its East Side plant more than seven years ago, the outlook was bleak. The plant had operated, under different identities, in the Delavan-Grider neighborhood for about 85 years. Good jobs vanished with the closing. And with American Axle gone, who would need a manufacturing complex with more than 1 million square feet?
Statesville Record & Landmark A Statesville-based manufacturer announced on Tuesday that it will be investing $2.3 million locally over the next 18 months in an expansion project with the help of a city tax incentive program. Steel Tube, Inc., located on Marble Road in west Statesville, is looking to double its production capacity, significantly increase its floor space and add a new product line. The company bills itself as one of the largest carbon steel and galvanized steel tubing manufacturers in the southeastern United States. Co-owner Leon Rives said it has been in Statesville since at least 1993.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
The Tampa Tribune Hercules Fluid Power Group will open a new manufacturing and distribution center in Hillsborough County, creating 50 jobs, the governor’s office announced Tuesday. "This move allows us to take advantage of Tampa’s strong talent pool and cost-effective environment to continue to build the company into the industry leading provider of Fluid Power seals for mobile heavy equipment and industrial applications," HFPG President Russ Brown said in a statement.
Digital Journal Various processes that are used to create multi-dimensional objects come under the umbrella of 3D printing. 3D Printing technology utilizes a process called Additive Manufacturing, in which a computer controlled software lays down different layers of material to give it shape or characteristics of a certain object.
Chemtura The agriculture industry is hoping to recruit students to fill major job shortages and train them in relevant skill sets. Each year between 2015-20, agriculture and its related industries expect about 60,000 new jobs to open to bachelor's degree graduates, according to a joint study between Purdue. After five days, Messe Düsseldorf delivers a very positive summary of "The Bright World of Metals" on Saturday 20 June. The metal fairs quartet registered good marks on the exhibitors’ as well as on the visitors’ side. In particular, the internationality again increased distinctly and now amounts to 56 percent at the visitors and 51 percent at the exhibitors.
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The Times of India India's manufacturing sector growth declined in June both in terms of month-on-month as well as yearly basis amid declining exports and fall in corporate earnings, says an SBI research report. Caterpillar's resource sector sales were mixed bag in May with Asia up 40% but Latin America down 47%. The major mining equipment manufacturer published its rolling-three-month sales statistics for May by geographic region. As a whole, resource industry sales were down 8% compared to a year ago. Total machine sales encompassing construction and energy, as well as mining, were down 12%.
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