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McInnes Rolled Rings Fiat SpA has announced its intentions to add 800 employees to the Sterling Heights, Mich., plant that produces the Chrysler 200. Bloomberg is reporting that the company will spend nearly $1 billion to retrofit the plant so that it can produce the redesigned vehicle. This investment will include new paint and body shops and increase total production size to about 2 million square feet.
This webinar will cover the stresses that result in gear tooth contact, including Hertzian contact stress theory, and point and line contacts. Professor Schmid will also extend the discussion to cover elliptical contact and the application to gears.
Machine Tool Builders
Sumitomo Machinery Corp.
Gleason Corporation Valkyrie stands more than six feet tall, weighs 286 pounds, and has an 80 inch wingspan. "It feels human-like, you can look her in the eyes," says Reg Berka, deputy project manager of Valkyrie, the NASA built robot destined for the red planet.
Control Design BelAZ-75710, the world's largest, mining, two-axle, all-wheel-drive, dump truck with weight-carrying capacity of 450 metric tons, has demonstrated a performance worth of an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. The new vehicle rolled out of the BelAZ plant in late 2013, and is being field tested as the biggest machine of its class with a record-breaking capacity.
Hunting Dearborn, Inc.
Travel, sports and wine auction packages await attendees of the AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting at the AGMA Foundation live auction on April 11. Additional auction items – including a Seattle visit, a grill and chill package, and custom AGMA earrings – will be available for anyone to bid on online from April 10-17. Mark your calendars for bidding! Auction proceeds will support the Foundation’s scholarships, training and research programs. For additional information, please visit the Foundation’s website. The Foundation appreciates the contributors who are making this fundraising effort possible. Thank you!
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
The Tampa Tribune TAMPA — The massive migration of manufacturing jobs out of the United States is often blamed for stagnating wages and the U.S. economy’s slow recovery from the Great Recession.
Recent events around the world remind us that the global economic and political environment remains uncertain. Manufacturers have had to cope with weather-related softness over the past few months, worries about the geopolitical situation and slowing growth rates in some of our largest trading partners, specifically China. Despite these challenges, they continue to be mostly upbeat about future activity.
Naylor, LLC
ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies Co., Inc.
Burnett County Sentinel As technological advances change the landscape of the manufacturing industry across the globe, Burnett County businesses are hiring a new type of employee to fill a new kind of job. This article features Kleiss Gears.
Bloomberg Factory production rose in February by the most in six months, showing manufacturingwill help the U.S. economy emerge from a weather-related setback.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc. The mining industry is involved with extracting valuable resources that are found underground, including coal, metal, minerals and ore. Mining occurs all over the world; it is conducted wherever these raw materials are found. The modern world depends on mining, because the raw materials that are delivered by mining are crucial to many industries. Many types of manufacturing as well as the automotive and aerospace industries depend on mining. Even computers could not be built without silicon, a mineral whose strange electric properties make modern computers possible.
The Guardian Manufacturers are planning to hire workers at the fastest rate in more than a decade in the coming months, as recovery in Britain's factories becomes more firmly entrenched, giving the chancellor, George Osborne, some positive news before Wednesday's budget.
Forest City Gear Company
60 Minutes – VIDEO – Web Extra 60 minutes discusses the drone surveillance debate with a look at some of the latest machines to enter this market space. The latest meeting of the manufacturing cluster of the Lakeshore Industry Cluster Initiative was held last week at Formrite Companies on the same day the Manitowoc Company announced it would be shifting 150 ice machine production jobs to Monterrey, Mexico by the end of 2015.
Star SU LLC.
Naylor Association Solutions


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