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Bloomberg Even with the recent strength in the U.S. manufacturing sector, labor-intensive industries won’t return to the U.S. as long as the huge labor compensation gaps persist with Asian and other developing countries. The majority of what could be rapid growth in U.S. manufacturing will probably come from capital-intensive, robotics-intensive production that doesn’t require many people.
Drives & Controls The automotive engineering and manufacturing group, Cosworth, has announced plans to open a factory based on a state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing system (FMS) that, it says, will be unique in the UK and will manufacture components for some of the world’s most advanced engines. Its customers will include global brands in the automotive industry. Confidence in the job market is a good thing, right? Experts are saying that if you run a manufacturing organization, it may not be quite that simple. Recent studies of the manufacturing workforce suggest that confidence might actually translate into upheaval in an individual organization, as workers feel more comfortable looking for different opportunities outside of their current companies. Whether you are just getting going on your business career or you have been working in the field for years, one thing that always comes back to bite you is costs. How can we alleviate these costs? What are some strategies for tracking manufacturing costs and managing them so that they don't get too far out of hand?
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design The Passport engine for the Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000 series aircraft incorporates ceramic matrix composite (CMC) material and a unique blade surface that GE officials say will improve performance, reduce fuel burn, and enhance durability.
Naylor, LLC
Naylor, LLC
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EIN News Chromalloy today announced it is expanding its investment casting foundry in Tampa, Florida, to include a master alloy operation. Alloy ingots are used in the production supply chain of complex systems and manufactured parts, including the gas turbine engine components cast and repaired by Chromalloy for power system manufacturers.
CarScoops In order to do well in China, automakers have to consider making at least one long-wheelbase model. Chinese-owned Volvo knows that very well and has just started series production of the new S60L, a longer version of its S60 sedan, at its manufacturing plant in Chengdu, China.
ABC A new report suggests a surge in Australian mining production will offset some of the negative economic effects of declining investment in the sector. The Mining in Australia report released by economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel expects mining production to soar by 41 per cent in the next five years.
CBC News Engineers say 3D printing is poised to significantly alter Canada’s manufacturing workforce. Nigel Southway, the Toronto chair of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, says 3D printing will "be ready for full implementation and roll-out within the next five years."
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Tribune Chronicle RTI International Metals, which operates a titanium manufacturing plant in Weathersfield Township, on Thursday reported that continued growth in the aerospace industry coupled with lower costs have driven sales and operating income improvements in the third quarter ended Sept. 30.
Automotive Business Review Volkswagen de Mexico, a Mexican subsidiary of German automaker Volkswagen Group, is set to invest $118m to commence the second stage of its engine plant in Guanajuato Puerto Interior industrial park, Mexico. The latest funding will be used to produce new components that will be used in a new version of the EA888 turbocharged and direct-injection TSI engine.
Control Engineering Europe Increasingly, automation and drives systems are being integrated to form system solutions with the aim of optimising the value added along the entire process chain. "Drive systems, sensors, and automation are now becoming a driver for change," explains Ralf-Michael Franke, CEO of Siemens Drive Technologies Division.
Design World Material scientists and ceramics component manufacturers have been developing new materials and processes that let engines run hotter and hotter in response to the aerospace industry’s focus on higher performance and lower costs.
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