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November 13, 2012
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The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and the NFL Players Association teamed up to complete repairs and lawn work for Gilgal, Inc., a Christ-centered residential program for homeless women with drug and/or alcohol addictions.

Led by builder captain Christine Fortenberry, the groups worked diligently to assist with much-needed repairs at the location. In preparation for an office space for volunteer nurses, the card day volunteers repaired a hole in an office floor, fixing subflooring as well as the hole, prepped the ceiling for new drywall (to be drywalled soon), and tiled a bathroom floor for the nurse's office. A great deal of rotten exterior fascia board was removed, replaced and flashing added, surface mold was removed from a bathroom ceiling and the entire bathroom repainted with mold resistant paint. The grounds were beautified in addition to the work noted above.

Thank you to our donors and volunteers for this project! Donors included: Fortenberry Construction Services, ProBuild, Pace Drywall, Atlanta Roofing Supply Company, Sherwin Williams, Interceramic Tile, White Rock Drywall, Cooper Homes, Calhoun Properties, Inc., Artistic Edge Tiling, Redmont Homes, About Sales, Inc., the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, the NFL Players Association, and the National Association of Home Builders.

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The handbook is an established set of building performance standards and is a useful resource for builders in ensuring they deliver the highest quality product and services to their customers. Builders who use the Homeowner Handbook know that it is a way of doing business that improves communication with home buyers and helps you effectively manage their expectations.

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