We Have a New Book in the Bookstore! Finding Hidden Profits: A Guide for Custom Builders, Remodelers and Architects

If you are a great craftsman and project manager but not good at numbers or paperwork, then you need to learn how. Finding Hidden Profits: A Guide for Custom Builders, Remodelers, and Architects shows you step-by-step how to position your business to make more money through these five key elements:

With more than 30 years of experience working on 300 projects, from high-end custom homes to remodeling, smoke and fire damage, and annual property maintenance, Dennis Dixon knows how important it is to provide quality work on time and on budget. From choosing the right clients to setting expectations through clear communications and a comprehensive contract, Finding Hidden Profits provides practical advice, simple formulas, and useful tips you can use to start finding the profits hidden in your business today!

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