HBA Adds Membership Benefit through Colonial Life

The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association is pleased to announce its endorsement of Colonial Life as a NEW benefit for its member firms. Colonial is a 70-year-old leader in benefits communication, enrollment and employee-paid personal insurance products at the workplace. Due to the rising cost of healthcare, more and more employers are turning to voluntary benefits to help expand their benefits package. It’s a "win-win": You provide your employees access to these plans and in return they get discounted premium rates and minimal underwriting. These programs are increasingly popular because they are offered at no direct cost to an employer. As a matter of fact, when recently polled, 81 percent of employees felt that voluntary benefits are important.

This new partnership with Colonial Life enabled the GAHBA to secure EXCLUSIVE rates and services for member firms and their employees – especially for builders/remodelers. The savings in premiums are substantial and beat any and all other voluntary carriers in the marketplace. Be sure to meet with a Colonial Life representative to learn more about these exciting new and exclusive benefits and services that will add value to your benefits package without adding to your benefits budget. Colonial Life’s Exclusive Benefits – Your Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association membership working for you!

For more information: Contact Stacey Quance, District Sales Manager, Colonial Life, at 770-634-5714 or email at stacey@colonial-benefits.net.