Potential License Holder Scams

Secretary of State Brian Kemp Reminds Professional License Holders about Potential Scams During License Renewal Period

Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp reminds those who hold a professional license that is issued through the Secretary of State's Professional Licensing Boards Division (PLB) to be aware of potential scams that can occur during the renewal period.
A commonly attempted scam occurs when a license holder receives a phone call from an individual who claims to work for the PLB. The caller will remind the license holder of an upcoming renewal deadline, and offer to process the renewal if the license holder provides personal information such as their Social Security Number, bank account numbers and related passwords.
The PLB offers license holders these important reminders:
•        PLB employees will never call you to renew your professional license.
•        PLB employees will never call you to "verify" personal information.
•        Never give your Social Security Number or any bank account information to a phone solicitor who offers to renew your professional license.
•        The most secure and convenient method to renew a professional license is on the PLB website at http://sos.georgia.gov/plb.
If you are a professional license holder and believe you have been the victim of a license renewal scam or attempted scam, please contact the PLB at 478-207-2440 or file a complaint on the PLB website.