Industry worried online comments can be taken without context in new Gazette feature

As part of Canada Gazette’s ongoing efforts to evolve into a ‘modern, digital publication’ it is now implementing its new online commenting feature for regulation proposals that it launched last September 27, 2022.

This new feature will give Canadians, stakeholders, and other interested parties the opportunity to submit comments on regulatory proposals online. After a consultation period closes, comments will be publicly available, whether they have been received through the online feature or through other means (such as email or regular mail), which the Gazette says will provide ‘greater transparency’ in the process.  

However, industry is hesitant about using this new online feature due to the inability to provide in-person comments, as what typically occurs with the traditional responses of letter writing and email. Industry members warned that the immediate publication means the commentary could be taken without the context provided with in-person discussion.

The document Comment on proposed regulations - ( provides information on the new process.