Transport Canada issues safety advisory on non-refillable 1lb containers

The ability to purchase an adaptor that would enable a consumer to refill 1lb non-refillable containers has been an ongoing concern for the CPA. Refilling any propane container must be completed by someone trained in this process. Despite this requirement, a dangerous adaptor that enables consumers to transfer propane from a 20lb cylinder into a 1lb non-refillable remains available for purchase.

These cylinders are not designed to be refilled because they are not purposefully made to withstand the repeated filling and emptying, which requires a more robust cylinder construction. 

The Transport Canada advisory states that serious injury could result due to the cylinder makeup and because there is no way to determine if the fill limits have been reached. 

Filling these cylinders is illegal and remains a significant risk of possible personal injury or risk of fire. Members who interact with consumers are advised to post the TC advisory or post the PDF the CPA has created. 

View Transport Canada’s Advisory for more details: Risks of refilling single-use TC-39M/DOT-39 cylinders (