Regulatory Affairs
October 31, 2022

NS – Regulator provides updates on green-tag requirements and PTI training approval for tank evacuation

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Nova Scotia Chief Inspector Paul Fowler joined the Atlantic Committee meeting held on Oct. 12, 2022. Discussions included final details on Nova Scotia’s proposed measures to permit the approval of installations between 1 million BTU and 400,000 BTU by email or phone, eliminating the two-signature green tag requirement. The province is currently addressing feedback it received on this initiative and will provide more updates as they work progress on this file (for previous story, see UPDATE – NS: Gov’t plans to eliminate two signature green tag requirements).

Discussions also included the CPA’s request that PTI 100-15 – Evacuation of Propane/LPG from Horizontal ASME Tanks be approved by Nova Scotia as acceptable training for bulk truck operators and experienced propane personnel to evacuate tanks. This initiative would help the industry replace pressure relief valves in the field; currently the work must be completed by a gas technician. The province has indicated that this is something it would consider, although no changes have been made to date. The CPA will continue to collaborate with regulators on this initiative.


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