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September 15, 2022

Rail to truck transfer update

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Transport Canada has stated that it will likely not address member concerns with respect to adding regulatory oversight on rail to truck transfers and establishing authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) on this issue. 

On July 29, 2022, the CPA met with Transport Canada’s Farrah Fleurimond, executive director, regulatory framework and international engagement, who indicated that TC’s “hands are tied” because there is not enough data nor any way to identify the costs to industry and TC if regulatory oversight were to be added for rail to truck transfers. 

The CPA has already proven to TC that the need for safety requirements exist. CPA members strive to be incredibly safe, but due to the temporary nature of rail to truck transfer sites and a lack of notification to first responders that identifies transfers may be taking place, a safety gap exists in the unregulated transfer of product. 

Current language in the regulation also does not identify who should have ownership over the rail to truck transfer approval process. 

The CPA will continue working with TC on this issue to get clarification on existing AHJ requirements and identify ownership of the approval process.


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