Regulatory Affairs
June 2, 2022

NEW – Federal: Measurement Canada updates its recovery of service fee processes and systems

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After encountering several issues in recovering service fees from some companies and noting that financial risks related to outstanding unpaid fees were too high, Measurement Canada (MC) is changing its recovery service fee processes and systems. 

MC charges fees for several types of services it provides, including measuring device prototype approvals, inspections of devices before they come into service, some types of physical standards certifications and accreditation of organizations to perform assessments.

MC has updated its website with information about the updated process. Note that if a client has an outstanding balance as per the report, then the service cannot proceed until that balance is paid in full.

MC continues to train staff and provide them with necessary information to improve the services and mitigate the risks of unpaid invoices due to errors on its part. They will continue to deliver charged services in accordance with the service standards and fees for services.

Financial forms, contracts, and business service systems will be updated to meet the policy requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact MC.


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