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January 20, 2022

NEW – BC: Revised directive for propane filling plants and container refill centers reflects industry feedback

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Technical Safety BC (TSBC) has recently issued a revised version of Directive D-G5 051206 7 Rev: 03 that addresses construction and modification of propane filling plants and container refill centers in highly populated areas.

This version considers the feedback the CPA provided on a previous redraft of the directive. TSBC has also offered to meet with members to discuss any questions they may have in fulfilling the various code requirements that are specified in this directive. 

The directive provides details on the design and installation requirements for propane filling plants and container refill centres in accordance with the CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code. 

Information is also included on how heavily populated or congested areas are determined using the BC Building Code for occupant load and restrictions based on CSA B149.2, section 7.12: “In heavily populated or congested areas, the authority having jurisdiction may determine restrictions of individual tank capacity, total storage, distance to line of adjoining property, and other requirements.” These requirements apply to new installations or changes to tank capacity or tank locations at existing facilities. 

Propane companies operating with a valid Safety Management Plan under the Alternative Safety Approaches Regulation must comply with the requirements of this directive unless an acceptable alternative has been specifically identified under the terms of any current plan. 

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