Regulatory Affairs
January 20, 2022

URGENT – Coastal pressure relief valve samples from CG-7 "420’s" needed for UL Canada study

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Ten plus year CG-7 “420’s” pressure relief valve samples from coastal regions are still needed for the UL Canada study being conducted on behalf of the CPA and members to better understand the PRV function beyond the 10-year replacement. 

While many members have already worked diligently to meet the 10-year replacement requirements, the study could demonstrate that PRVs can be used past this timeframe, thus allowing industry to use cylinders for longer periods and save significant replacement costs over the long term. 

This initiative could also prove vastly important during the present supply conditions, where the valving and steel supplies for tanks and cylinders are scarce due to COVID-19 effects on the supply chain. 

If you can help the CPA by providing PRV samples for this study, please contact


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