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July 6, 2021

UPDATE – Federal: TDG Part 6 Training publication announced

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Transport Canada recently provided a presentation indicating their intent to amend Part 6 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. This amendment expands the requirements for how industry will conduct training by adding practical portions to the training requirements, changes to the format of certificates, and other requirements meant to better assess the employee’s competency.

Further details can be read in the presentation here.

TC has indicated they intend to publish the proposed regulation in the Canada Gazette Part 1 in December 2021 and allow a commentary period. The regulation is expected to come into effect and be published in the Canada Gazette Part 2 sometime in 2022. A 12-month implementation period would then begin to allow industry time to adapt to the new requirements. 

During the implementation period, employers will be required to make the necessary changes to their employees’ training certification cards, however, TC has stated that it would not be necessary to make certification cards retroactive. This means that industry could adapt their TDG card while allowing existing cards to be used until their expiry, with no need to re-issue a new card.

CPA and PTI will be working to adapt our training to meet the standard once any amendments are published, and the regulatory change is fully implemented.

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