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July 6, 2021

New feature for online PDF course material!

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The PTI is now offering an additional feature: when purchasing a PDF course, you can use the exam access key either on a printed hard copy of the exam or use it to access the online exam available on our Learning Platform.

As of now, when you purchase a PDF format of the courses listed below, the exam access key on your invoice will allow you to access the online exam on our Learning Platform OR the paper exam in the Document Centre of your profile. The choice will be yours.

The online exams now available through the Learning Platform are linked to the following PDF courses:

100-01 – Propane Pump Attendant
100-02 – Filling Auto Propane Tanks
100-03 – Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Propane/LPG Specific
100-04 – Cylinder Inspection & Re-Qualification
100-07 – Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Propane Hose Inspection & Testing
100-08 – Filling Propane Cylinders
100-09 – Inspection of Propane Tanks and Pressure Relief Valves
100-11 – Propane Pump Attendant TDG Enhanced
100-12 – Filling Auto Propane Tanks for Fleets
100-18 – Filling Propane Cylinders TDG Enhanced
300-01 – Bulk Truck Propane Delivery
300-02 – Propane Rail Car Unloading
300-05 – Cargo Loading & Securement: Propane Tanks, Cylinders and Equipment
400-01 – Construction Heaters and Torches Up to and Including 400,000 BTUs
400-02 – Inspection & Maintenance of Construction Heaters
400-04 – Filling Forklift Cylinders by Volume
400-05 – Propane Fueled Hot Tar or Bitumen Roadtankers and Kettles
400-08 – Connection and Use of Propane Torches
600-03 – Bulk Plant Operations

This added feature can help you reduce the amount of paperwork, automate the marking process, and speed up the process for receiving certificates for completed training. And you will not need to print the exams anymore.

Please, carefully read the instructions if you have not yet used online exams. It’s easy, but remember:

  1. you will have to prepare a list of your trainees for the online exam and
  2. once a student begins the online exam the access key is good for 24 hours once it is activated.

Instructions are available in the Document Centre, under the category All trainers, in a document titled: PTI_TRAINER-Guide to online courses and exams_03-2021.

Prior to accessing online exams, trainees will be required to obtain their PTI Trainee ID#. To this end, they must set up a profile on the CPA Platform. For instructions on how trainees can set up a profile click here.

More online exams, which can be used with the PDF format courses, will be added over the coming weeks.

For more information or if you have questions, please reach out to us at


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