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March 23, 2021

IMPORTANT: Replacement of some TDG certificates

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Following a request to modify the certificate from Transport Canada, you must replace all Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certificates you issued using the CPA English version of the TGD certificate. If your company is using its own certificate, no change is required.

This memo ONLY applies to trainers/companies using the ENGLISH version of the CPA’s TDG certificates for the following courses:

  • 100-03 - Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Propane/LPG Specific
  • 100-07 - Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Propane Hose Inspection & Testing
  • 100-11 - Propane Pump Attendant - Transportation of Dangerous Goods Enhanced
  • 100-18 - Filling Propane Cylinders - Transportation of Dangerous Goods Enhanced

While the French version of these certificates have been slightly modified, the previous version is still legal and accepted.

If you used CPA’s certificates located in the Document Centre or in the printed manuals since February 25, 2021, you don’t need to make any changes.

These new certificates are available in the Document Centre under the corresponding course category, and in the Toolboxes of each course on the online training platform.

To replace your invalid ENGLISH certificate

  1. Identify all employees who have completed one or more of the courses mentioned above.
  2. Check the title of the course on the certificate that the employee has taken.
  3. Select one of the three certificates from the Document Centre or online training platform that applies to your situation.
  4. Print it and fill in the name and address of your company.
  5. To insert a new expiration date on the updated certificate, check the old certificate for the date it was issued. Add three years to the issue date to determine the new expiration date:
                       Old version
                       Date issued: Nov 15, 2019

                       New version
                       Expires on: Nov 15, 2022
  6. Both the employer and the employee must sign the “employer” and “employee” copies of the certificates.
  7. Keep the “employer” copy for your files.
  8. Give the employee the “employee” copy of the certificate. This certificate must be carried by the employee while performing TDG responsibilities.
  9. Destroy the invalid certificates.

Invalid Version


New Version



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