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March 23, 2021

NEW – MB: Government may follow Transport Canada’s lead on electronic logging devices

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Commercial vehicles that operate within a single province are regulated provincially. The Manitoba government adopts the majority of the federal hours of service regulations as part of the provincial Drivers Hours of Service Regulation (M.R. 72/2007) and is considering following Transport Canada’s lead in requiring electronic logging devices (ELD) in provincially regulated vehicles. (see UPDATE – Federal: Progressive enforcement period announced for electronic logging devices.)

The Manitoba government consulted interested parties on the use of ELD’s in provincially regulated commercial vehicles. Perspectives can be read in the government’s recent report, What We Heard.

Manitoba must first decide how the new federal regulations that come into effect in June 2021 would be applied provincially prior for it to apply these changes to its own Drivers Hours of Service Regulations. If Manitoba proceeds with the regulatory amendments, they will be put forward for public review and comment on the Manitoba Regulatory Consultation Portal.

Any CPA members who want to provide feedback on ELD use in Manitoba, please contact Tanis Fiss, Director, Government Relations, West at


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