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March 23, 2021


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The CPA/PTI is pleased to announce the full launch of our online training platform and more competitive prices for online courses.

Written exams and practical hands-on evaluation are now available online!

From March 15, buying online courses now means you and your students can now do everything online – complete course material, write exams and fill in the practical hands-on evaluation forms.

For online courses purchased PRIOR to March 15: the current procedure remains the same – you are still required to print the exam, fill in the information and write down the access key located on your invoice.

Do not forget, if you purchase PDF formats, you cannot use online exams; the keys are not interchangeable.

Online pricing is now more competitive than ever! And purchasing online courses saves time and hassles!    

NO MORE administrative hassle!

With our online platform, you NO LONGER NEED to:

  • print exams if you bought an online course;
  • fill in a training summary sheet for each training session;
  • manually fill in hands-on evaluation forms, including your name and PTI identification number;
  • write the date on the exam;
  • write the access key on the exam;
  • scan each exam copy; NOR
  • send each scanned copy by email.

Here is a list of all available online training to date: 

100-01 - Propane Pump Attendant
100-02 - Filling Auto Propane Tanks
100-03 - Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Propane/LPG Specific
100-04 - Cylinder Inspection & Requalification
100-08 - Filling Propane Cylinders
100-11 - Propane Pump Attendant – Transportation of Dangerous Goods Enhanced
100-12 - Filling Auto Propane Tanks for Fleets
100-18 - Filling Propane Cylinders – Transportation of Dangerous Goods Enhanced
100-22 - Self-service filling at private auto propane stations

We hope this new training experience will be efficient and easy. However, should you have questions or if you encounter some issues, do not hesitate to contact François or Sophie at


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