Regulatory Affairs
March 8, 2021

REMINDER – Federal: Apply to Transport Canada’s mobile requalification registration now

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A facility is typically restricted to requalifying expired cylinders at their address, except if they apply for a condition to be placed on their Certificate of Registration. These conditions now include mobile requalification, recently allowed by Transport Canada. For facilities that are already registered, addition of mobile requalification is done via an application for amendment to registration. The application form is available here.

Applicants will see that the amendment form requests a cover letter detailing the reason for the amendment. It must be stated in the cover letter that the amendment is for mobile requalification. All applicable requirements of TDGR, CSA B339 and CGA C-6 and/or CGA C-6.3 continue to apply. The facility must provide examples as to what type of equipment and procedures they will use to enable them to continue to meet all the requirements when mobile (e.g., equipment assembled on a truck).

Once approved, TC will note this mobile permission in the facility file and add the following on the Certificate of Registration:

The requalification shall be performed at the above-mentioned location or at the customer’s site;

Please send your application to Transport Canada at:


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