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June 11, 2020

REMINDER: Federal – CPA receives new equivalency certificate allowing riveted plates on TC Series-4 containers

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The CPA has received the new equivalency certificate SU 13263 that allows CPA members to attach riveted plates onto TC Series-4 containers once they have been requalified. The equivalency certificate was issued on January 31, 2020 and is available on the CPA website.

As stated in the certificate, “This equivalency certificate authorizes the certificate holder to display requalification marks in a manner that does not comply with CSA B339-18. Cylinders requalified in accordance with this equivalency certificate are marked on a new metal plate that is attached to the valve-protection collar on the cylinders by riveting. The certificate holder has demonstrated that when used under the conditions stipulated herein, the cylinders could be used with an equivalent level of safety.”

Members must include the SU 13263 number on their shipping documents. This can be done by pen on the shipping documents or they can be reprinted.

The following conditions must be met to allow riveted plates:

  1. The equivalency certificate only applies to TC series-4 containers.
  2. The metal plate must be riveted to a permanently attached valve-protection collar.
  3. Original manufacturers markings cannot be covered by the metal plate.
  4. Markings must comply with CSA B339 clause 4.19.5, which indicates that markings must be no less than 6 mm, except for cylinders with an outside diameter less than 125 mm where the markings must be no less than 3 mm
  5. Requalification of cylinders must include a visual inspection that will identify any damage to the cylinder due to riveting. Please update your checklist accordingly

As a reminder, the terms and conditions of this equivalency certificate must always be adhered to and a copy of the certificate must be in the vehicle transporting containers that have been marked in this nature.


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