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June 11, 2020

Propane Training Institute manuals change report

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Please find below changes that we have made to PTI manuals in May of 2020. The updated versions will be made available immediately for your next order.

Note that information about these changes is also located at the end of the manuals. This allows trainers and trainees to understand, at a glance, the modifications that were made. This information will be particularly important as we embark on making future updates to the manuals to reflect the most recent revisions to the Codes and Standards. For now, the changes are mostly a result of the work completed to bring clarity and uniformity to the review questions of our manuals as we progress in the production of our online material.

The following tables list the changes that were made to both English and French PTI manuals. Note that changes that were made in the English may be different than ones applied to the French manuals. 

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