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March 20, 2020

Message from the President & CEO: COVID-19 udpates and resources

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Dear CPA members,

I write to you from home at a time when we are coming to terms with a new reality of “social distancing”…

First and foremost, we at the CPA hope you and your family and colleagues are safe. With the CN strike, the blockades and now COVID-19, this is a lot of stress on your teams and businesses within the past few months. While we have no idea how to prepare for this, it cannot be denied, nor its impact on people and the economy. And we need to be mindful of this while we get through this third crisis. Because we will…We know that you all have undertaken a number of precautions to ensure safe operations and the well-being of your customers, and we at the CPA thank you for taking these extra measures to protect the health and safety of your own staff and the communities you serve.

Like all of you, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us challenges that we have never experienced before, but we are doing everything possible to ensure the wellbeing of CPA staff, of members and business partners. We are doing our part and are following all ordered safety precautions, including CPA staff working remotely.

And while our offices are temporarily closed, we remain accessible and we will continue to provide support to you, our members and business partners, so that you can best serve your customers.

We have also undertaken the following to ensure continuity:

  • We work from home: we have the same emails and phone numbers. You can view CPA team contact information here.
  • We receive and respond to all requests, including emails to:,, and
  • We continue to be able to sell training manuals: email to place your order or call toll free, 1-877-784-4636.
  • We have a continuity plan for the Propane Training Institute: Currently, we can process and ship all orders as usual. Should printers stop printing or delivery companies close, we will be able to sell PDFs. We will let you know if we experience issues and work through them to ensure you have access to our training material.
  • We are currently initiating discussions with all authorities having jurisdictions regarding obligations of trainees who are required to recertify within the next few months. We will be enquiring about such matters as, Can recertifications be suspended until training resumes? We will inform all members and trainers as our conversations progress.

Please continue reading below for updated and new information. And if you face any challenges please let us know. We are ready to assist to ensure you have the information you need to maintain all of your essential services.

Nathalie St-Pierre
President & CEO


CPA CONTINUES TO WORK FOR YOU - COVID updates and new information

  • Are commercial vehicle operators exempt from the closure of US-Canada borders?

Canada and the United States have agreed to restrict non-essential travel across the border as both countries try to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus — but they insist key supplies will still flow between the two nations. Read Important Information - Canada-US border crossings

  •  My PTI certificate needs to be renewed. What do I do?

The CPA is working to get a 120-day grace period for these certifications and licenses. 

  • Can we schedule training classes for propane?

Companies can continue to train individuals by following specific guidelines from public health authorities – limited number of people to be strictly applied.


  •  Is the CPA leadership Summit scheduled for May 2020 cancelled? Yes

For those who have booked your hotel room, the Westin Edmonton hotel is working with reduced staff and they have recommended not calling in; they will cancel reservations on your behalf. You will be emailed a cancellation confirmation.

Our team has contacted our sponsors. However, you can contact Sherri if you have any additional questions at or 613-683-2275.

  •  Is the Atlantic Seminar and Golf Tournament (May 27-28), cancelled? To be determined

The CPA has not cancelled this event yet but will notify you as soon as the decision is made.

  •  Is the CPA Ontario Seminar and Golf Tournament (June 9-11) cancelled? To be determined

The CPA has not cancelled this event yet but will notify you as soon as the decision is made.

  •  Is the ERAC Dangerous Goods Emergency Management Conference (May 4-May 6) cancelled? Postponed

 Regional Committee Meetings

All committee meetings have been changed to teleconference calls. For more information, please contact your regional director:


We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have set up a special page on our website for the latest news and resources. 

 We will update you on these specific items:

  1. Daily updates
  2. News for the propane industry (TDG critical services, etc.)
  3. Government financial/economic measures
  4. Resources for employers
  5. General resources – federal and province-specific.

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