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October 17, 2019

NEW! Alberta Boilers Safety Association: specifications for pressure equipment repair and alteration

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The Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) has released Information Bulletin IB19-007 Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements. This bulletin establishes that ABSA document AB-513: Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements (Edition 3, Revision 3, issued 2019-07-12) provides specific requirements that must be met for pressure equipment repair and alteration.

AB-513 provides guidance on meeting the requirements and duties established in Section 40 of the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation. 

Changes in AB-513 include:

  • Added reference of ABSA document AB-535 Requirements for Alteration Design Registration Based on Fitness-for-Service. These requirements must be followed by members if pressure equipment is found to be damaged during in-service operation or found to no longer comply with the original code of construction. The equipment can be repaired, altered (de-rated), or taken out-of-service, or a Fitness-for-Service assessment may be considered to justify the continued use of the equipment.

ABSA advises that all stakeholders who are involved in repairs and alterations should ensure that all employees in their company understand AB-513. Organizations that hold quality management system certificates of authorization should review their quality program documentation to ensure that it complies with the current AB-513. The Revision 3 changes are indicated in the revision log on the last page of AB-513.


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