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July 25, 2019

NEW! Learn and perform safely with a trusted partner - Key updates

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Over the last several months, the CPA/Propane Training Institute has been communicating about the improvements made to our training material and processes. CPA/PTI continues to focus on key priorities and we are making steady progress.

Priority #1: Quality of the material

All the manuals have been updated and translated. Check out the CPA website and learn about new courses along with improved descriptions that include key learning objectives. The CPA encourages you to comment or make suggestions on the training material at

Priority #2: Quality of Training

The Code of Conduct and Practice for Master Trainers, Senior Trainers, Trainers and Examiners has been approved by the Board and will be implemented as trainers renew their certification.

The Association has prepared and updated material for trainers (facilitation kits). Figures and images of the courses to assist trainers in designing their training session, the answers to the Test Your Knowledge sections as well as the answer keys to all exams will be accessible to PTI trainers. This material will only be accessible to certified PTI trainers in September through the new CPA trainer section on the website.

Interested in becoming a trainer? In training new courses? Request an Application Form for trainers by emailing: The CPA welcomes new applicants!

Priority #3: Quality of operations

The Association is on track to deploy a new online certification service in September. This will allow trainers to recertify online and to order and pay their training material online. The CPA will be able to issue certificates electronically upon the completion of the course by the trainee.

The Association is also switching to 'printing on demand'. Moving forward, there will no longer be a large inventory and printing will be done on demand. This provides greater flexibility to modify training materials to reflect the latest regulatory updates and ensure that members have the most up-to-date information. All orders of less than 200 to 300 manuals submitted before 11:00 am will be processed as usual. For larger orders, PTI will require 48 hours instead of 24 hours for processing. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nathalie St-Pierre, President & CEO, at


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