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April 4, 2019

Update: CRN registration process

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In July 2017, the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Industry Consortium (a group comprised of the CPA and 12 other industry members) published a white paper on the current CRN system identifying the registration process as an inter-provincial and cross-border trade barrier. The group recommended improvements to the process to facilitate the trade of pressure equipment through the mutual recognition of jurisdictions’ regulatory requirements and administrative processes related to the issuance of a CRN.

At a recent Standards Council of Canada meeting, the mutual recognition proposal was endorsed by all jurisdictions except Alberta; however, the agreement will not come into effect until the provinces sign the agreement, which should be completed by mid-May. The agreement as well as the full details of the harmonized CRN system will be posted on the Standards Council of Canada website at the end of May.

The CRN system is the Canadian method of reviewing and registering the design of pressure equipment (boilers, pressure vessels and fittings). Currently, manufacturers must obtain a CRN for each jurisdiction in which it plans to sell its equipment. The cost, administrative and time burdens associated with this process have shown to impede investments, disincentivize innovation, increase time to market, increase costs and reduce consumer choices.

To view the recent presentation given by the Standards Council of Canada, click here

The CPA will continue working with all provincial governments/authorities to ensure ministerial agreement.


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