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February 8, 2018

NS: Chief Fuel Inspector Issues Construction Heat Bulletin

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On January 22, 2018, the Nova Scotia Chief Fuel Safety Inspector issued Fuel Safety Bulletin: FS18-01 – Construction Heat.

Temporary construction heater use is high at this time of year and Fuel Safety inspectors are finding installations that are not in compliance with either the applicable code or the manufacturer’s instructions.

Anyone using, renting, installing or servicing construction heaters must follow applicable regulations and the manufacturer’s instructions, including the following:

  • All gas fired construction heater installations require a Fuel Safety permit and fully completed green tag.
  • All indirect fired construction heaters installed inside a building shall be vented to the exterior of the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the code applicable to the fuel being used. Precautions shall be taken to ensure that the vent system remains intact.
  • All direct fired construction heaters installed inside a building shall be provided with permanent combustion and ventilation air openings.
  • Construction heaters may not be used in any inhabited section of a building.
  • Residential type furnaces or heaters may not be used for construction heat.
  • Corrugated stainless steel tubing systems may not be used for gas supply or regulator vents on construction sites.
  • Gas supply hoses are permitted within the requirements found in Clause 6.20.3(c) of the CSA B149.1-10 code. Accessible manual shut off valves must be installed immediately upstream of the hose.
  • Companies selling or renting construction heaters are required to instruct the end user in the proper use and installation requirements for the heaters.
  • Construction heaters must be installed by qualified and licensed technicians.
  • The user of a construction heater shall ensure that a copy of the manufacturer’s manual is available on site.

For any questions regarding this Bulletin, please contact Paul Fowler, Nova Scotia Chief Fuel Safety Inspector, at (902) 424-8017.

All Fuel Safety Bulletins can be viewed online at


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