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December 21, 2017

MB: Manitoba Committee December Meeting Recap

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At the Manitoba Committee on December 13 in Winnipeg, Office of the Fire Commissioner Dave Schaffer thanked the committee for the work accomplished to identify areas of improvement in the proposed changes to the 2015 National Safety Codes.

Proposed changes to the Code include streamlining regulations and defining inspector roles. Other changes include recognizing utility inspectors, CSC inspection bodies, and third-party inspectors under the Code, with the ability of their work to be appealed under the Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade’s office. As well, verbal orders given by inspectors during a site visit will be followed by the official order within 72 hours.

Schaffer added that the Codes will be harmonized, as much as possible, as per the partnership amongst the four western provinces. Six provinces have adopted the 2015 National Safety Codes and Manitoba will be the seventh.

Manitoba Chair Rheal Gousseau has stepped down as Chair; Glen Scrivener of C&T Rentals was voted in to assume the position. The CPA thanks Gousseau for his long service to the propane industry and to the Committee; his candor, wit and straight-forward manner has led the Committee well. The Association looks forward to working with Scrivener to keep the Manitoba agenda moving forward.

Meetings for 2018 are scheduled as follows: February 5, April 11, October 10, and December 12. The June meeting will coincide with the Golf Tournament tentatively set for the third week in June.


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