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December 7, 2017

BC: Technical Safety BC Fee Changes for 2018

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During this past summer, Technical Safety BC consulted on several proposed fee changes for 2018 - 2020. Following the consultation period, they approved the following fee changes:

  • Standardized compliance and enforcement fees: Enables costs for compliance and enforcement activities to be covered by those who are not compliant, rather than those who are actively participating.
  • Gas fees: Wording for residential and mobile home installations has been revised, new BTUH fee increments for commercial gas installations have been added, and fees for the installation or alteration of piping or a piping system have been revised.
  • 2% annual general increase to all fees: Based on BC’s historical and projected consumer price index, projected construction activity and the impact of cost saving measures.
  • Power engineering certificate of qualification renewal: A certification renewal fee of $100 will come into effect December 3, 2018.
  • Evaluation of interprovincial and international training and work experience: A new service and fee for individuals seeking to obtain their powering engineering certificate of qualification in BC based on training or experience gained outside of BC.
  • Field Safety Representative (FSR) certificate of qualification renewal: A certification renewal (3-year term) fee of $100 will come into effect February 1, 2018.

Click here for more information on each of these changes, including the original discussion papers, feedback received, and the final decision documents.

Click here for all current and upcoming fee schedules.

The above changes have been made in consideration of Technical Safety BC’s commitment to continually improving their client services. Key areas they are focusing on include:

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