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October 26, 2017

Response from Transport Canada - Stationary Propane Tanks Permanently Mounted on Trailers

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Earlier this year, Transport Canada became aware that some propane companies are transporting stationary tanks permanently mounted (i.e. bolted or welded) on trailers.  In August, Transport Canada provided an explanatory note for industry, which provided information on the issue and indicated that immediate compliance was expected. The note was shared with CPA members.

A national conference call was held on September 15, with over 30 members participating. In order to help better understand the matter and to assess impacts, the CPA sent a letter to Transport Canada seeking clarification on a few questions.  Transport Canada’s response was received on October 18. It can be viewed here.

An update was provided to the members of the CPA Alberta Committee on October 19 and a second national conference call was held on October 24. Given that a consensus on next steps could not be reached, an electronic vote is being held until 5pm ET,  Thursday, October 26.

The survey results will be shared with members on Friday, October 27 and used to determine our next steps. 



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