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October 12, 2017

Non-Compliances with Equivalency Certificate SU 11248 (Ren. 3)

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Transport Canada informed the CPA about non-compliances with Equivalency Certificate SU 11248 (Ren. 3).

TDG Inspectors have recently reported that 450 L propane cylinders are being transported using this certificate.  We remind you that this certificate has be designed to transport “barbecue” type propane cylinders that are picked up at corner stores, service stations, grocery stores or hardware stores and are transported to the member of the CPA’s facility to be inspected, requalified, refilled, recycled, and/or disposed.

Transport Canada is reviewing the conditions and the legitimacy of the certificate.

We can’t emphasize enough that the terms and conditions of any certificate must be adhered to at all times. Subsection 31(4) of the TDG Act, 1992 stipulates that non-compliance with any of the terms or conditions invalidates a certificate. In addition, subsection 31(6) of the same act gives the Minister, or a designated person, the authority to revoke a certificate. All other requirements of the TDG Regulations must be complied with except for those specified in the certificate being used.

The CPA is advocating on your behalf to retain the certificate and will keep you informed of any developments.


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