Regulatory Affairs
October 12, 2017

Consultation on the Draft Cabinet Directive on Regulation

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The Government of Canada is consulting with Canadians to seek their views on how they can effectively update the federal policy on regulation.

The 2017 draft Cabinet Directive on Regulation (CDR) has been revised to reflect Government of Canada priorities by:

  • emphasizing a life-cycle approach (development, management and review) to regulating;
  • incorporating regulatory cooperation and stakeholder engagement throughout the regulatory life-cycle;
  • clarifying analytical requirements; and
  • requiring that regulations be assessed periodically for relevance and effectiveness.

The Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada is conducting online consultation to seek feedback on the updates to the draft CDR until October 29, 2017. The feedback received from this consultation will be taken into account as the Treasury Board Secretariat finalizes the CDR.

The CPA will review the draft CDR. Members with comments on the document are asked to send them to Melanie Levac, CPA’s Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs and Safety, at by Wednesday, October 25.


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