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February 2017
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The Canadian Propane Association is taking part in the establishment of a National Clean Fuels Standard being developed by the federal government in consultation with provinces, territories and industry stakeholders.
Major milestones:
November 1 – Allan Murphy, CPA’s Senior Director of Public Affairs and Policy attended a meeting with regulatory, industry and NGO stakeholders regarding low carbon fuels.
November 18 – the CPA joined with other national groups as a signatory to a letter to the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada (EEC) in support of the development of a National Clean Fuels Standard.
November 25 – Minister McKenna formally announced the federal government will work with provinces, territories and industry stakeholders to develop a clean fuel standard. Among the objectives is encouraging the use of cleaner fuels in several sectors of the economy, including transportation, homes, buildings, and industry. Discussions will also address a broad use of fuels that could include liquids, solids, and gaseous fuels such as propane.
The Ontario government has recently announced a new Natural Gas Grant Program that subsidizes the building of natural gas infrastructure in rural Ontario. Instead of supporting local propane companies, this program will create an unfair advantage for natural gas expansion using $100 million of Ontario tax payer dollars, jeopardizing the businesses of hard-working propane companies, and leaving many rural and remote taxpayers underserved. It does little to ease the pain of high hydro costs in the short and long term.

The Canadian Propane Association issued a news release, Subsidized Natural Gas Expansion Hurts Small Businesses and Employees, on Monday, January 30 and is lobbying the government to communicate the wide-spread, negative effects of this new grant program. The CPA is calling on Members to get involved and write to their MPPs who represent the areas in which they operate as well as to federal MPs. A Form Letter is available to Members to personalize and use in lobbying efforts and is available on The Grid. The news release can also be included with the letters and distributed to local media.

Make your voice heard - every letter counts!
In January, the Canadian Propane Association appeared in front of the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to present a submission for the 2017 Ontario budget. Key asks included a level playing field in energy policy, and funding for auto propane and home energy upgrades in rural Ontario. Peter Maddox, CPA Regional Manager, Ontario, and Dan Kelly, CPA Board member, participated in the hearing held in London. View the transcript here: Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs Pre-budget Consultations.
Given the importance of the propane industry to local communities, it is critical clean burning propane be given equal opportunity and consideration within governments as they develop environment and energy policies. Since the start of the new year, the Canadian Propane Association has met with various levels of government throughout the Maritimes to discuss the use of propane as an alternate fuel for the Maritime provinces, their municipalities, and rural regions. Topics included using propane as a low emission fuel source for school and transit buses as well as for municipality fleets.

Governments are seeing the environmental advantages of lowering their province’s carbon footprint but also the cost advantages of buying a lower cost fuel and reduced maintenance fees. Meetings have included: City of Dieppe, New Brunswick; Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, PEI; First Nation communities in PEI and Nova Scotia; and the Department of Environment, Cape Breton Regional Municipalities and the City of Halifax in Nova Scotia.
JP’s Garage has converted almost 50 vehicles to auto propane since they held their first Open House for auto conversion over a month ago on January 12.

Located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, JP’s Garage is the only licensed auto propane installer in the Maritimes.

Drawing a large crowd from the public to municipality and propane industry representatives, the Open House demonstrated the ins and outs of converting vehicles to propane. Seven contracts were signed to convert personal vehicles and fleets to auto propane on the day of the event alone.

Check out JP’s Garage at

Over the past few months, BC Safety Authority has begun their assessments and compliance audits of propane pressure vessels required to be registered under operating permits. Collecting the necessary tank information and data provides BCSA with sampling to identify hazard trends. They plan to share information gained through their audit activities by mid-2017. For more information on propane pressure vessel operating permits, please visit BCSA’s website: Guidance for Propane Tank Owners.
The Ministry of Government Relations is currently rewriting and updating the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations for consideration by government in 2017. The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan is assisting the ministry in the rewrite. Changes primarily include updating the adopted codes and standards, removing references to fees, and updating wording with current industry terminology. Also proposed are safety requirements for steam traction engine boilers, provisions regarding quality management systems, and allowing a qualified power engineer to supervise more than one plant.
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CPA News
The Canadian Propane Association is excited to announce the release of our new website. The new site offers a fresh modern look, streamlined content and easier navigation. We hope you check it out – it’s located at the same URL address:
2017 CPA Renewal Packages were sent to all primary contacts on November 25, 2016. If you did not receive your renewal package, please contact James Daniels, Manager, Member Services at  or 613-683-2275 to receive a copy of your invoice. Thank you for your continued support for, and investment in, a successful and thriving propane industry.
The Canadian Propane Association is pleased to announce a new award for its annual CPA Awards Program. The PTI Trainer of the Year Award celebrates engaging and inspiring trainers who are best in their class and achieve a level of excellence in the classroom. This award replaces the CPA Service Award.

CPA's award program also offers a Lifetime Industry Achievement Award, which recognizes individuals who have made significant or consistent outstanding service contributions to the CPA, as well as the CPA Student Scholarship Award. This award, sponsored by the International Association of Young Gassers, Inc., provides financial assistance to recipients planning a career in post-secondary education at a Canadian vocational or trade school, community college or university, and is offered to immediate family of employees of CPA member companies.

CPA members are encouraged to nominate commendable colleagues and associates by submitting a nomination form no later than March 31, 2017. Award details are available on the CPA website.
The CPA reminds members they will receive a $200 discount off their annual membership fees for referring an organization/individual that joins the CPA. There is a maximum of $400/two referrals per member, per year. Contact James Daniels, Manager, Member Services at for details.
The CPA is pleased to offer member companies the official CPA logo for use in marketing and promotional materials. 
This logo can be used by current CPA members on member company websites, brochures, magazine ads, and any other material to indicate they are a member of the Association. It is available in both English and French, and can be downloaded from The Grid.
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) News
Environmental Emergency (E2) Plans are required by Environment and Climate Change Canada for all industries that have large volumes of hazardous substances produced or stored at their facilities.

To assist organizations in their compliance, ERAC is expanding their services to incorporate E2 Plans. This includes the development of new E2 Plans, the review and edit of existing E2 Plans, as well as the development and oversight of E2 drills and exercises.

To learn more about E2 Plans, visit the Environment and Climate Change Canada website, ERAC website or email
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National Energy Board LPG Underground Inventory Report:
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Code Corner
Part 8 (Reporting Requirements) of the TDG Regulations requires several different report types. When certain conditions are met, persons subject to the TDG Regulations must submit one of the report types.

As a reference tool, Transport Canada developed a Guide for Reporting Dangerous Goods Incidents that can be used by persons involved in any way with the transportation of dangerous goods.  

This guide presents the conditions for each type of report. To be certain if you need to make a report, please consult Part 8 of the TDG Regulations.
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