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May 2016
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In May 2016, propane industry veteran Steven Sparling retired from Parkland Fuel Corporation.
Steven grew up in the propane business and went from painting tanks as a young teenager to CEO of Sparlings Propane. This experience gave him a unique perspective and the ability to truly relate to everyone with whom he worked. Sparlings enjoyed dramatic growth during Steven’s time as CEO, and was acquired by Parkland Fuel Corporation in 2013. During his career, Steven also worked with others to help lead the propane industry in Ontario and was the founding Chair of the Ontario Propane Association. Through his work in Ontario, Steven was instrumental in creating the Canadian Propane Association. He was elected the founding Chair of the Board, where he has continued to advocate for industry performance standards in the development of an unprecedented comprehensive Code of Practice.   
Steven will continue to be an advisor to Parkland with regards to building the propane business, and will also continue to be actively involved in rural economic development and advocacy initiatives, and pursue other business interests. Steven also continues his family's legacy of giving back to the community and he is deeply involved in several charitable organizations.
The Canadian Propane Association would like to thank Steven for his many years of service to the propane industry. Steven, we wish you all the best in your retirement! 
On May 19, the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) issued a press release in response to a leaked report in the media regarding sweeping changes to the Ontario government’s approach to addressing climate change. The press release, Propane Has an Important Role to Play in Reaching Climate Change Objectives, states the CPA’s support for the government’s efforts to reduce Ontario’s carbon footprint.
In May 2016, the National Energy Board (NEB) published Propane Market Review: 2016 Update. This update builds on three NEB propane market snapshots released in November 2014, May 2015 and January 2016, and provides a more comprehensive analysis on the propane market since the Final Report to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Industry: Propane Market Review was released in April 2014.
On April 30, the Government of Canada proposed Energy Efficiency Regulations that would (a) increase the stringency of minimum energy performance standards for 20 currently regulated product categories; (b) make minor changes to standards or reporting requirements for 8 currently regulated product categories; and (c) repeal and replace the Regulations to remove references to obsolete and out-of-date standards and to improve the organization of the regulatory text, making it easier for stakeholders to find and understand the requirements that apply to them. 
On April 28, the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced new measures to strengthen rail safety and the transportation of dangerous goods during a meeting with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
In late May 2016, the updated Municipal Government Amendment Act will be introduced in the Alberta legislature. The draft Bill will be available for public review once it has been introduced. 

Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee will be travelling to 19 locations across Alberta in June and July to discuss the proposed changes to the MGA through public sessions. For those unable to attend a session, an on-line questionnaire will be made available in late May shortly after the draft Bill has been introduced. For more information, or to register for a public session, please visit the Alberta Government website.
The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) is currently recruiting members for its Gas Technology Advisory Committee, a formal advisory group created to facilitate consultation within the gas industry. The committee is looking for expertise in the following areas: Contractors, Regulators, Utilities, Owners/operators. For full details and to complete an application form, please visit the BCSA website. The application deadline is July 17, 2016.
On April 11, 2016, the Gas Processors Association (GPA) announced it officially changed its name to the GPA Midstream Association. GPA Midstream was selected to more clearly identify the midstream industry role that the organization has evolved into in recent years, while also keeping the equity of the three-letter GPA reference by which the long-time energy trade association is most popularly known. Information is available on
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CPA News
From May 16-18, over 100 delegates congregated in picturesque Banff, Alberta for the 2016 CPA Leadership Summit. The theme for this year’s Summit was #NotJustBBQs, and featured discussions on propane’s place in everyday life, new cap & trade policies, combatting natural gas expansion, and using social media to expand business.
The Summit also hosted an Exhibition, the 2016 Annual General Meeting, a CPA Board of Director’s meeting, and the CPA golf tournament at the beautiful Banff Springs Golf Course.
Thank you to all CPA members, sponsors and guest speakers for their contribution to a great event! The next CPA Leadership Summit is scheduled for 2018. Details will be circulated to members as they become available. 2016 Leadership Summit photos, presentations and a list of the sponsors will be made available in the coming weeks on the CPA website.
On May 17, the CPA held its 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the CPA Leadership Summit in Banff, Alberta. At the AGM, the 2015 audited financial report was accepted by the members, and the auditors were approved for another two years. The proposed changes to the by-laws were approved, including a temporary two-year extension of Directors' Terms authorized by unanimous consent of the Board under special circumstances; a reduction of the Chair and Vice Chair's term from two years to one year; and the establishment of an operational contingency reserve fund.
Susannah Robinson (Superior Propane) stepped down from her National Retail Marketer seat, and Brian Seppala (Superior Propane) was approved by the membership to assume the vacant seat.

Also at the AGM, Wolfgang Wenk was ratified as the Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) representative on the CPA Board of Directors. At ERAC’s AGM, which is held annually as part of a CPA Board meeting, Andy Bite was elected to join Steve Wilson as a CPA representative on the ERAC Board.

At the spring CPA Board of Directors meeting during the Leadership Summit in Banff, a number of changes were approved. Gary Highfield (Parkland Fuel Corporation) was officially voted the new Chair of the CPA Board, as Guy Marchand (Budget Propane) had completed a two-year term. Dan Kelly (Dowler-Karn) was voted the new Vice-Chair, and Steven Sparling retired from the Board.

Susannah Robinson (Superior Propane) stepped down from her National Retail Marketer seat, and Brian Seppala (Superior Propane) was approved to assume the vacant seat. The CPA thanks Susannah for her hard work, dedication and support for the CPA, and welcomes Brian to the Board of Directors. For a complete list of Directors, please visit the CPA website

The CPA has relocated the role of Regional Manager, West to Calgary, Alberta, and is accepting applications for the position. Calgary-based Pekarsky & Co. has been retained to assist the CPA with finding a candidate for the position. Details on the opportunity will be posted on the Career Opportunities page of the CPA website and on the Pekarsky & Co. website.
The CPA thanks Scott McFadyen for his hard work and dedication over the last five years. Scott was an asset during his time with the CPA, and we wish him all the best in the future. For any inquiries related to the role, please contact Andrea Labelle, CPA Executive Director at
CPA Senior Director, Public Affairs & Policy, Allan Murphy is currently drafting submissions to four Working Groups at Environment and Climate Change Canada. The working groups include issues around reducing emissions, clean technology, the impacts of climate change and carbon pricing.
Propane Training Institute (PTI) News
The Propane Training Institute (PTI) is pleased to announce the launch of the 100-15 – Evacuation of Propane/LPG from Horizontal ASME Tanks Program. This program currently bears recognition from Alberta Municipal Affairs, with further regional accreditation underway.

Special thanks to Canwest Propane for their involvement in the development of this program, as well as their first program delivery in May 2016. For more information, please contact PTI at 877.784.4636 or

The Propane Training Institute (PTI) has received approval and accreditation for two courses addressing the Technical Standards & Safety Authority’s (TSSA) new Record of Training (ROT) curriculum standards announced earlier this year. The newest version of the PTI 400-01 Construction Heaters <400K BTUH course has been approved to meet the CH-02 ROT, while the PTI 400-05 Propane Fuelled Roadtankers and Kettles course is approved against the Roof Equipment Operator (REO) ROT.

Expect further approvals later this year against the remaining 2016 ROT curricula as PTI and TSSA work together to bring these programs into alignment.

With new processes and platforms on the horizon, the Propane Training Institute (PTI) will begin requiring email addresses for all students in Summer 2016. These will be used for several new PTI services, including enabling access to a new online records and training service, notifications of certificate expiry, and keeping everyone up-to-date on the most recent materials and information during their certification period.
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) News
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) publishes a quarterly newsletter that includes updates on ERAC activities in both the LPG and Flammable Liquids divisions, upcoming events, and performance data. 

If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please email

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Code Corner
The 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG2016) was developed jointly by Transport Canada (TC), the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the Secretariat of Transport and Communications of Mexico (SCT) and with the collaboration of CIQUIME (Centro de Informaciòn Quìmica para Emergencias) of Argentina, for use by fire fighters, police, and other emergency services personnel who may be the first to arrive at the scene of a transportation incident involving dangerous goods. 

The ERG2016 is primarily a guide to aid first responders in quickly identifying the specific or generic hazards of the material(s) involved in the incident, and protecting themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of the incident. 

It should not be considered as a substitute for emergency response training, knowledge or sound judgment. ERG2016 does not address all possible circumstances that may be associated with a dangerous goods incident. It is primarily designed for use at a dangerous goods incident occurring on a highway or railroad. Be mindful that there may be limited value in its application at fixed facility locations. Click here to obtain the ERG2016.
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