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March 2016
News & Updates
On March 2, the CPA issued a call to action encouraging members to raise awareness on the subject of natural gas expansion.
In Ontario, there is currently a process underway to facilitate the large-scale expansion of natural gas infrastructure, which will be partially funded by taxpayers and existing natural gas customers. The success of this process is dependent on the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) waiving existing regulatory and financial barriers to project approvals. Furthermore, the Ontario government has announced a program to provide energy retrofit funding to natural gas customers, excluding users of other fuels. This is another indication of the uneven playing field in the energy sector.
On March 9, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) held an online information session on the topic of Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting requirements, exclusively for members of the Canadian Propane Association. The webinar clarified which propane businesses will need to report under Ontario’s new Cap & Trade regulations and how that reporting will work.
After the webinar, the CPA circulated the MOECC presentation and a summary prepared by the CPA. If you were unable to attend the webinar and would like to receive a copy of the presentation and the summary, please log on to The Grid or contact Peter Maddox, CPA Regional Manager, Ontario & Director, Marketing at or 416.903.8518.
Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada are inviting stakeholders to provide information that will inform the path forward for the next phase (2016–2020) of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).
The CMP is a Government of Canada initiative aimed at reducing the risks posed by chemicals to Canadians and their environment. Information obtained will help tailor assessment and management approaches and inform the implementation plan for the next phase of the CMP, which will be made available in the spring of 2016.
On March 3, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Canada's premiers and territorial leaders in Vancouver for discussions on climate change.

Emerging from those talks was the release of the Vancouver Declaration on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Chief among the objectives of the declaration will be to grow the economy while cutting back emissions. As the post-meeting communiqué noted, the First Ministers will capitalize on the opportunity of a low carbon and climate resilient economy to create good-paying and long-term jobs. Information on the declaration is available on the Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat website

On February 25, Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa released the 2016 Ontario Budget: Jobs for Today and Tomorrow, which outlines the next phase of the government's plan to create jobs and economic growth.‎
During the month of June 2016, Ontario's Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) is moving its head office to 345 Carlingview Drive, Toronto, M9W 6N9 (north of Hwy 401/east of Hwy 427). For more information, contact TSSA at 1-877-682-8772 or visit 
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CPA News
The CPA is pleased to announce that members can now benefit from lower registration fees for the 2016 Leadership Summit – they have been reduced from $750 to $550.
This year’s Leadership Summit is scheduled for May 16 to 18 at the Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff, Alberta, and features an exciting line up of topics on the program, from exploring Canada’s new carbon policies to expanding social media presence. There are also a number of dynamic speakers, including former Federal Member of Parliament Monte Solberg. To register, please visit the CPA website or contact CPA’s Manager of Events, Melissa Michaud at 613.683.2273.
After five years of dedicated service, Pat MacDonald is retiring from her position as Office Manager for the CPA's Propane Training Institute (PTI) at the end of April. Pat has been instrumental in ensuring PTI processes and functions happen, down to the last detail. For those of us at the CPA, and for countless members, Pat has set the standard for customer service and flexible problem solving. We thank Pat and and congratulate her on a job well done.

Sophie Leger, PTI Administrative Assistant, will be assuming Pat's responsibilities after her departure. She can be reached at or 403.543.6519.

Propane Training Institute (PTI) News
The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) has recently issued new curriculum standards for six of the Propane Record of Training (ROT) requirements under Ontario Regulation 215/01.

The CPA's Propane Training Institute (PTI) courses currently mapped to these ROTs are in good standing, but are being re-submitted by May 1, 2016, as required by the TSSA. The CPA has every indication that existing PTI courses will continue to be accredited under this new standard, or other arrangements will be made in a manner acceptable to the TSSA. Questions regarding PTI courses can be directed to Gerald Thompson, CPA Senior Director, Learning & Development, at or 403.543.6506.


Effective immediately, new Propane Training Institute (PTI) student and trainer materials are available for the 100-03: Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Propane/LPG Specific and 100-04: Cylinder Inspection & Requalification courses in English. Both courses reflect the most recent requirements from Transport Canada.

French versions of these courses will be available early in the second quarter of 2016.

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) News

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) publishes a quarterly newsletter that includes updates on ERAC activities in both the LPG and Flammable Liquids divisions, upcoming events, and performance data. 

If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please email

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Code Corner
In Ontario, the 2010 editions of the CSA B149 series of codes are still in force and should be used until the new 2015 editions are adopted by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA). The series includes the B149.1, B149.2, B149.3 and B149.5 codes.

The CPA will inform members when the 2015 editions of the codes are adopted in Ontario. For information on codes in force in other jurisdictions, please contact your provincial regulatory authority.

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