NEW – QC: CPA shares AQP concerns regarding unwarranted removal of low-emission propane school buses in Quebec

Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) roadside inspectors have been intercepting propane-powered school buses recently to have them removed from the road or have their bumper color changed.

Technically, school bus bumpers should be painted black in Quebec, but convention has allowed that low-emission, propane-powered school buses feature green bumpers while electric school buses have blue bumpers.

It has been reported that SAAQ traffic controllers are removing the buses as a pressure tactic in their union negotiations.

However, they are only removing the propane buses that are painted green and not the electric school buses that have blue bumpers.

The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) stands with the Association Québécoise du Propane which has noted:

“The AQP deplores the situation imposed this morning to school transporters, parents and students, only for a matter of bumper colour,” said AQP Executive Director Alain St-Pierre. “Propane vehicles meet all the federal safety standards for school transportation and have been wearing green for some time.

We understand that there are issues about a collective agreement negotiation, but to pull out those school buses from the road on such a minor detail is excessive. We hope that this situation is corrected swiftly for the sake of the parents and children who need daily school transport.”

“Propane school buses provide safe, reliable and healthy transportation for students, especially compared to conventional diesel and gasoline buses,” said CPA President and CEO Shannon Watt. “The important role these buses play in providing transportation for students to and from school must always be respected.”