NEW – AB: CPA writes to premier after propane excluded from tax relief announcement

The CPA sent a letter to AB Premier Jason Kenney to remind him that propane is an important energy source for many Albertans after the government announced on March 7 a gas relief program that excluded propane.  

The CPA has asked the Government of Alberta to consider including propane as part of its recent rebate and tax relief announcements to ensure equity for all transportation fuels. Over 30% of Canada’s propane use occurs in Alberta with over 12,000 propane vehicles across the province, including school buses and police fleets. A significant amount is also used for grain drying.  

Alberta’s fuel tax is applied to fuel purchases, including gasoline, diesel, propane (for motive purposes), aviation fuel, locomotive fuel and renewable fuels.  

To provide relief to Albertans on rising fuel costs, beginning April 1, the government will temporarily remove the fuel tax on the price of gasoline, diesel, and marked gasoline and diesel, but not on propane. The premier said the collection of the provincial tax would resume when West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices fall below $80 US per barrel. 

The CPA will continue to work with the provincial government to include propane as part of its ongoing commitment to clean, affordable energy.