NEW – Federal: CPA advocates propane uniquely positioned to help Canadians meet energy needs in 2022-2023 budget submission 

The CPA has filed its written submission for the pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2022 budget to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.   

In the submission, CPA Interim President and CEO, Allan Murphy, stated that the propane industry is “uniquely positioned to help more Canadians meet their energy needs in these uncertain times while also helping achieve the shared goal of a greener future.”  

The CPA recommended actions that will reduce GHGs immediately through the expanded use of propane. 

“Acting on these recommendations will result in cleaner communities, affordable energy, and job creation while yielding immediate benefits for all Canadians,” said Murphy. 

The document also included statistics comparing propane to electric, which is “not always a clean and affordable energy.”  

The submission noted that efficiency of propane appliances is another advantage over other energy applications such as electric appliances. 

The expanded use of propane will play a critical role in the government’s efforts across Canada as it continues to seek equal opportunity for all Canadians to be part of the goal of decarbonization.