NEW – BC: Greenhouse operators that use propane may be eligible for carbon tax relief grants

Greenhouse operators that use propane to heat their greenhouses can apply for carbon tax relief grants for the 2020 production year. Commercial producers in B.C. who grow vegetables, ornamental flowers and plants, forest seedlings and nursery plants in greenhouses are eligible to apply for the grant until May 10, if they meet the following criteria:

The grant covers 80% of the carbon tax that commercial greenhouse growers of eligible crops paid on the propane they used for greenhouse heating and carbon dioxide production in 2020.

Fuel burnt for other purposes, such as heating residential spaces, offices, packing or processing areas, or non-eligible crop production areas, vehicles, forklifts or to produce electricity in a CHP engine are not eligible for the grant.

For more detailed information about the eligibility criteria, visit the B.C. government’s web page on the greenhouse carbon tax relief grant.