NEW – NS: Government commits to be the first carbon neutral province, phasing out coal by 2030

The first throne speech under new premier Iain Rankin was presented on March 9, 2021. A substantial part of the speech focused on the environment and energy.

Speech highlights include Nova Scotia’s commitment to be the first carbon-neutral province by:

In advance of the speech, the CPA sent letters to the premier, ministers of finance, transportation, climate change and environment, energy, infrastructure and housing as well as the Leader of the Opposition. 

Through the letter campaign, the CPA reinforced the role for propane in the switch-off oil rebate programs because its inclusion would significantly reduce GHG emissions in the residential sector.

The CPA also proposed that the province should collaborate with the propane industry to incentivize businesses, institutions, manufacturers, farmers and industries to reduce both their energy costs and GHGs by switching from furnace oil to propane.

Citing the success of the new fleet of propane school buses now in service in Halifax, the province should focus as well on measures that would see propane used for government and private fleets.

The CPA will continue discussions with the province to include propane in their low carbon strategies.