NEW – NB: Environment and climate change minister sees opportunity for NB and the propane industry

On December 2, the CPA met virtually with new Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Gary Crossman, to discuss the game-changing advantages of propane and ensure the inclusion of low-emission propane in the province's future plans to reduce GHGs. 

CPA Atlantic Committee Chair Royden Boudreau and Vice-Chair Lee Johnson, along with CPA’s VP Government Relations, Allan Murphy and Government Relations Director for Atlantic Canada, Jean-Francois Duguay, participated in the meeting.

Discussion items included a request that propane be recognized as a clean fuel and more importance be placed on specific programs to switch from oil to propane.

Minister Crossman responded that he’s seeing great opportunities for the province of NB and the propane industry and is looking forward to working with the CPA in the future.

The CPA will follow up this meeting with discussions with NB Energy Efficiency and the Department and Transportation and Infrastructure.