NEW - Propane buses continue to expand across Canada

On September 17, the Auto Propane committee held its their conference call meeting. With the Chair position vacant, Allan Murphy, Vice President of Government Affairs presided over the meeting.

Uptake of propane school buses continue to increase with several provinces replacing diesel buses with propane. Other developments reported by members included:

As one of three operators selected by the Halifax Regional Center for Education, Southland Transportation is the only one that began transporting students with propane buses this September. The CPA worked together with Southland Transportation and Superior Propane to develop a video and as well as issue a news release - Propane school buses will reduce GHGs by 624 metric tonnes in the Halifax area - on the 144 propane school buses that are covering approximately 29 routes. This is the largest propane fleet in Atlantic Canada. 

Members have suggested organizing a webinar featuring the latest technology in auto propane as well as challenges and opportunities for the auto propane industry.

For more information on the meeting, please contact Jean-François Duguay, Government Relations Director for Atlantic Canada at