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COVID-19: Mail us your exams today

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not over yet...but we need to adapt. For this reason, PTI is concluding the COVID-19 temporary measures previously established.

Since July 6, you can no longer send your exams and Training Session Summary Sheet by email: 1) you must resume shipping to us your current exams and 2) you must ship to us all the exams you emailed to PTI since March 2020.

As we indicated in March about authorizing sending exams by email because of COVID-19 – this was temporary, and we now ask you to send the originals of all previously scanned exams to the Calgary office.

The office will have at least one staff present at all times to ensure parcels and boxes can be delivered.

We know some of you tried to ship us your exams and that they were returned to you, but we have instructed all courier companies that we are now available to receive your exams.

Online courses

COVID-19 has impacted your capacity to host training sessions. This summer, take control back over training. Use our new online courses. It’s easy and a worthwhile experience.

The following courses are available:

By the end of August, the following course will be available:

We want to get your feedback! Tell us about your experience because we are not stopping there. We have already planned Phase 2 to add new online courses.

With your trainer’s profile on our Learning Platform, you have free access to all our PDF workbooks and our online courses, based on your training profile. To log in and learn how to navigate, refer to our instructions, Guide to access PDF and online courses available in the Document Centre under the Documents (All Trainers) category.

Student/Trainee ID#

We urge you to require your trainees to create their profile and obtain their trainee/student ID#. With this, they will have access within a few days to their certificate.

  1. You will not need temporary certificates,
  2. You will not be required to fill in the Training Session Summary Sheet, and
  3. You will not have to send certificates to trainees.

Access to the model letter

The model letter can be viewed here.