NEW - Canadians prefer diversity of energy sources, including propane: Nanos Poll

As part of its outreach to governments and other stakeholders, the CPA has been building on the theme, the Propane Advantage, which explains the many uses of low-emission propane in numerous applications.

To find out more, the CPA wanted to test top line impressions Canadians have about propane and whether they are “all in” with electrification or would be more open to a more holistic approach. The CPA retained Nik Nanos of Nanos Research to add several propane questions to his March Omnibus polling activities, which interviewed a thousand Canadians between March 24 and 27.

The survey found that Canadians favour a diversity of energy sources over only having renewables for keeping low energy costs and having reliable energy sources. Canadians are also twice as likely to support or somewhat support using propane as a good low-carbon energy replacement for carbon intensive fuels rather than oppose or somewhat oppose this. The findings included:

Nanos also tested on the issue of electric cars, finding that:

What became clear from the survey is that there appears to be a “head vs heart” issue in terms of Canadians’ views on renewables. People support the idea of more renewables which is a “heart” issue. It’s less clear that they would sell out to renewables the more they understand the costs and the risks of abandoning traditional fuels which is a “head” issue.

The CPA continues to work with governments to ensure that expanding the use of propane is seen as an important transition to renewables and is seen as a critical, low-emission energy option that is available now. For more information contact