PEI – Government says there may be a consideration for propane in the capital budget

The CPA undertook a series of meetings with the PEI government to discuss the propane advantage in various sectors including bus and fleet transportation, heating for government-owned buildings and agriculture.

The first meeting took place in Ottawa on December 6 with CPA President Nathalie St-Pierre, Vice-President Government Relations Allan Murphy and Indigenous Advisor Robert Lavigne meeting with PEI Premier Dennis King and his Chief of Staff Adam Ross. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss expanded propane use in Indigenous communities; the Premier, who is responsible to cabinet for Indigenous relations, has a long association of working with First Nations in PEI.

Subsequently, on January 23, Allan Murphy met with Transportation and Public Works Minister Steven Myers and Deputy Minister Darren Chaisson. Murphy reviewed the propane advantage, focusing on fleet transportation such as school buses and other return-to-base vehicles. The London Police video was presented and the minister was given a copy of the presentation by Ron Harkness, transportation supervisor for the Brandon School Division, which showcases the success of propane school buses. The use of low-emission propane to replace oil in government-owned buildings was also discussed.

While the Minister did not make any commitments for propane, he did mention that the capital budget has been reviewed and that there could be consideration for propane. Chaisson also noted that budget spending for all departments is being considered through an “environment lens”.

The CPA will be filing a pre-budget submission in early February as well as reviewing the 2020 budget in anticipation of opportunities for the expanded use of propane in areas of provincial jurisdiction, including school buses, government fleets and government buildings.