CPA outreach at federal level continues

With the federal election results now in, the CPA will continue its efforts to advance priority issues for the propane industry with the federal government. A review of minority governments in recent history would indicate that, barring some unforeseen circumstance, we should expect the life of this government to be about 24 to 36 months.

While the expanded use of propane was not a ballot box issue during the election campaign, the environment and the reduction of GHGs certainly was a much-discussed item. Throughout the election campaign, CPA’s election outreach activities focused on continuing the conversation about the importance of propane as a low-emission energy fuel.

The CPA and its members reached out to the major political parties through information sharing (The Propane Advantage and Propane Advantage Video) and targeted documents designed specifically for the election campaign (Questionnaire and Candidate's Guide to the Propane Advantage).

A newly re-elected Liberal minority government means that the government’s current approach to environment and energy issues are very likely to be maintained.

For example, the federal price on carbon – “the Backstop” – being applied in certain provinces and territories, including those that have opposed the tax, such as Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick (and in the coming months, Alberta), is expected to continue. 

Of note, since the election, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs has indicated that his government will now look at complying with the federal climate plan, including implementing a provincial carbon tax.

The CPA expects that the development of the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) will also continue. The CPA has participated through the CFS Technical Working Group and will do so moving forward.

In terms of advocacy during the upcoming Parliament, the CPA is planning to meet with the new cabinet as well as new and returning MPs. In order to aid advocacy efforts, the CPA is developing A Parliamentarian's Guide to the Propane Advantage, which will make the case for the expanded use of low-emission propane. In discussions with parliamentarians, the CPA will show the benefits of propane for the environment, for businesses and of course, for consumers.