QC: 'Transportez vert' offering financial support to convert to low-emission propane

On July 19, Québec Minister of Energy and Natural Ressources and Minister Responsible for the Côte-Nord Region Jonatan Julien announced the launch of the province's new 'Transportez vert' program. This initiative is designed to stimulate energy transition in the transport sector, the transportation of goods in particular.

Transportez vert provides financial assistance to help, support and train businesses, organizations and municipalities that use a fleet of vehicles to reduce their fuel consumption and GHG emissions while increasing their use of energy efficiency. For example, fleet managers will be able to receive up to $100,000 for energy management support, up to $200,000 for the acquisition of certain technologies and up to $30,000 for eco-driver training for their drivers. A company can also receive financial assistance for the conversion of one of its vehicles, such as a van or a school bus. An energy conversion includes propane but also natural gas, hydrogen or any other source of energy that meets the demand.

The technology acquisition component of this program aims to promote the use of technologies to improve energy efficiency while reducing GHG emissions in the transportation of passengers (intercity or school) and goods. The term "technology" includes vehicles, conversion sets, anti-idiling motion or any other relevant technology.

For more information about eligible technologies and procedures, visit the Transportez vert web page (French only) of the Government of Québec website.